(29.4.-7.5. + 25.11.-29.11.2012)


films in 2012:  Autumn Screenings   program - autumn session

Two Moods - The way of Love and Death 1
25. November 2012  17:00h  Topkino
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Den Letzten fressen die Fliegen (A 2012 , 26 ',directed by  Hansjoerg Schmoller)
First Sight (A 2012, 3',directed by  Juliana Neuhuber) WORLDPREMIERE
Was du heute kannst besorgen ... (A 2012, 16',directed by  Nicole Reinold)
 Danach (A 2012 , 3',directed by  Dietmar Zahn) WORLDPREMIERE
 thou shall not die (A 2012, 10 ',directed by  Georg Wachberg) WORLDPREMIERE

 Two Moods - The way of Love and Death 2
 26. November 2012. 20:30h  Breitenseer Kino
Die Ankunft  (A 2012, 7', directed by  Tamás Kiss)
Gefällt mir  (A 2012, 3', directed by Renate Woltron & Andreas Reisenbauer)  WORLDPREMIERE
Diktatoren Küssen Besser (A 2007, 80', directed by Juan Carlos Recalde)

26.11.2012 Breitenseer Kino

Two Moods - The way of Love and Death 3
   27. November 2012. 21:00h Schikaneder  
An einer Haltestelle ... (A 2012, 1', directed by Bernhard Mairitsch)
Rosen (A 2007, 3', directed by  Sergio Recalde)
Ende der Kindheit (A 2012, 11', directed by Sonja Presich)
Dinner für Gewinner (A 2012, 10', directed by Marc Simon, Marc Weber)
Hammer  (A 2008/2012 30´, directed by David Hofer)  WORLDPREMIERE

29. November 2012 - 20:30h

Am Magnetberg 
(A 2010 ,  27', directed by Roman Pachernegg)
  with an introduction by Prof. Dr. Edgar Hoffmann (Vienna University of Economics and Business - WU)

nueva vista -  Havana - Jenseits des Son (A 2010 , 22',
directed by  Thomas Parb, David Horn, Rudolf Gottsberger)

films in 2012:  Spring Screenings

Two Moods Shorts 1 "LOUD AND SILENT"
29. April 2012 - 18:00h  Topkino   (55 min)

AI FAIT DES COURSES, MON AMOUR ... (A/D 2011, 7 min) by Sonja Presich
ZOMBIVERSUMDER LETZTE BULLE (A 2011, 10 min) by Gen Seto, Christoph Kaindel
KID NAP (A 2012. 7 min) WELTPREMIERE by Volker Schmidt
VORSTELLUNGSGESPRÄCHE (A 2010, 7 min) by Michael Rittmannsberger
HELDENKANZLER (A 2011, 10:30 min) by Benjamin Swiczinsky
TWINNI ODER SO (A2012, 12 min) by Lisa Weber

Two Moods Shorts 2 "GIRLS & BOYS"
1. Mai 2012 - 21:00h - Schikander Kino  (54 min)

& BROWN (A 2011, 2 min, world premire) by Julia Frick
NOCH EIN BISSEN (A 2011, 13 min)  by  Sonja Presich, Conny Presich
WER IST HIER AUSSER ATEM, MONSIEUR G.? (A/LUX 2011, 11 min)   by Marc Weber, Marc Simon 
FRAUENQUOTE   (A 2012, 3 min world premiere)  by Andreas Reisenbauer
ÜBERRASCHUNG (A 2011. 10 min) by  Sarah Weide 
Post Modern Times (A 2011. 9 min)   by  Julia Frick
MIRA  (A 2011, 10 min, world premiere) by Edwin Pree


Let me try again" (A 2012. 81 min)  by Gerhard Fresacher
2nd May 2012 - 19h Topkino Vienna - in memoriam Victor Hennemann

"Across the Mile" (A 2011. 89 min)  by Michael Thomas & Renate Woltron
 7th May 2012 - 19h Topkino Vienna - festival world premiere

programs of previous years:  2011  2010

Austrian Film Festival in Belgium 2011
with 21 short films from Austria & with feature film Katharsis

Das Festival der Filmemacher für Filmemacher.

The Austrian Filmfestival takes place two or three times per year and shows Austrian films mainly for their Viennese, Austrian, world or pre premieres.
Two Moods Filmfestival is it´s section for short films. It selects the best of them, which fit the two main topics (moods).
The styles may vary from experimental, purely narrative, essay film - all style allowed. The presence of most directors at the festival gives the chance to discuss about the films. 

"Welcome to the most vivid filmfestival for Austrian films in Vienna."
Sabine I. Petrasch, Andreas Reisenbauer
(festival directors 2012)

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Festival is organized by
Reisenbauer Filmproduktion
Wallensteinstraße 57/10. 1200 Vienna - Austria