official selection

9.1. 2019 Screenings - Alseum 15:00 - 21:00h

A: online, music videos and very short
Famelica (ITA, 4') by Basculante (MV)
The Lovers (CH, 4') by Mathieu Cacheux (MV)
UFO (BEL, 4') by Kevin Meul (MV)
Threat Count - Tao of Bobo (USA, 2') by Daniel Appleby
Parking 58 BXL (BEL, 6') by Dieter Grohmann

B: "The wrong place"
The swimmer (SPA, 18') by Pablo Barce Orellana
Wonderwall (UKR, 7') by Alexander Denysenko (MV)
The last Drop (GER, 10') by Sascha Zimmermann
Silent Lighthouse (IRAN, 2') by Payam Laghari, Farshad Ghafari

C: "love"
Seven Sacred Laws (CAN, 29') by Nihad Ademi
Sign (RUS, 25') by Svetlana Samoshina
Perception (BAN, 6') by Salim Reza

D: "animation"
The Shape of Time (AUT, 16') by Dominik Schwab
The Woman Who Turns Into A Castle (AUT/GB, 4') by Kathrin Steinbacher
2 Aliens - Found Footage Fiasco  (GER, 34') by Thomas Zeug (VP)
E: Asia
To Visit (KOR, 6') by Euiyoung Lim
Fight (TAI, 17') by David Lim
Cactus facing the sun (Chin, 15') by Zou Xiu Ming
Infill & Full set (Vietnam/UK, 15') by Hai Duc Dao

F: Land
Der Ausflug (AUT, 39') by Jürgen Karasek
Legends of the 19th century (AUT, 6') by Alexander Bruckner (MV)

G: Experimental and the Evil
Out of the Shell  (GER, 10') by Leander Behal
Deternity (AUT, 3')  by Mersolis Schöne, Evi Jägle
Once I'm Alone (GB, 4') by AL & K
Schau ins Land (GER/AUT, 4') by Moritz Ellermann (VP)
Impressure (UK, 5') by Guli Silberstein


  9.1.2019 Exhibition - Alseum (19:30)
Thema: Bildfehler und Unschärfe
location:. Museum Alsergrund  Währingerstraße 43. 1090 Wien
with works by Alexander Bachmayer, Brigitte Freysinger, Olivia Klonfar, Lydia Mantler
Dominik Downarowicz, Andreas Reisenbauer, Thomas Weilguny, Anja Zorg

12.1. 2019 SCHIKANEDER KINO 19:00 (95')
Light Matter ⌂  (AUT, 5') by Virgil Widrich
   Be my Rebel - Nena & Dave Stewart ⌂  (AUT/GER, 4') by Virgil Widrich
Heroes (SPA, 8') by Pablo Manchado Cascón, Santiago Cardelús Ruiz-Alberd
Der nächste bitte (AUT, 7') by Alexandra Rieser, Alina Fromm
 Entschuldigung, ich suche den Tischtennisraum und meine Freundin (AUT/GER/SWE, 23') by Bernhard Wenger
Breakers (GER, 4') by Silvia Johanus (MV)
Trieb (CH 3') by Diego Hauenstein
 Leeward Side of the Mountain (AUT, 22') by David Keeler  (AFF18)
The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (SLO, 16') by Slobodan Maksimović
Nice to Meat You (AUT, 1') by Thomas Kepplinger
Fairy Tail (USA, 4') by Justin Schaack, Kristin Schaack


4.10. - 5.10.2018 SCHIKANER KINO (19h + 21h)
tba. 7/2018

Darkest Valentine (AUT, 3') by Kathrin Steinbacher
Periode 28  (GER/AUT, 4') by Annika Müller, Alexander Tank
 Scandal (FRA/REU, 4') by Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx (MV)


official selection

Exhibition "Dance & Movement"

films ONLINE and part of the Austrian competition:
2loud4u - Different Reality (AUT, 6') by Tamara Koenig (MV)
25 Years (AUT, 7') by Manuel Bovio (MV)
Approximation  (AUT, 7') by Benno M. Hanke (MV)
The Arrival  (AUT, 2') by Matthias Streicher
EMMA - An American Alptraum in Austria (AUT, 8') by Daniel Limmer
Ext. 1-4/Day (AUT, 5') by Tim Oppermann
Haram - Echte Helden sind anders (AUT, 11') by Mahir Yildiz
Just in Time (AUT, 7') by Michael Holzer, Oliver Schöndorfer, Stefan Grassberger
Lebe in Farbe (AUT, 41') by Christopher Spirk
Lions and the Antilope (AUT, 3') by Michael Bachinger, Lukas Steinhuber
Die Schilehrer (AUT, 50') by Prinz Philipp Fussenegger
Step by Step   (AUT, 10') by Adam Baroud
Die letzte Zigarette (AUT, 8') by Vesely Marek

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